Multi-retailer, 420 outlets
"I deal direct with other manufacturers' but the main advantage of Supreme is that you can get lots of different brands from the same source." Name, Company

Wholesaler, 2,500 outlets
"I do not like to keep all my eggs in one basket on most products although I would say that Supreme gets around 85% of my business in batteries." Name, Company

Retailer 1 outlet
"Ten years ago I used to deal with other companies, but they found it hard supplying us. With Supreme you can buy multiple brands on one invoice and get it all the next day, so I don't have to carry much stock"

Discount superstore, 7 outlets
"We have a good rapport with Supreme. They give us great deals and prices."

Multi-retailer 155 outlets
"Supreme has always proved to be the best in these products when it comes to overall service and prices."

Discount chain, 225 branches
"Overall, they are an extremely reliable company. We just don't have any problems with deliveries or invoicing. They never let us down."

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