Light Bulbs

LED and ECO Halogen Lighting

Supreme Imports is directly responsible for a significant portion of the UK lighting market, thanks to our exclusive lighting distribution agreements with Energizer, Eveready and JCB. Our award winning factories help us produce lamps in many shapes and sizes to meet the consumers demands.

With an extensive range and an incomparable service level, it’s easy to see why thousands of retail outlets rely on Supreme Imports to keep their customers’ lights on.

Energy Saving Bulbs Ready for Your Shelves

All of the bulbs we supply are delivered in retail-ready packaging, saving you time and ensuring a swift return on your investments. Supreme Imports can also supply you with a wide range of Point of Sale display products to ensure that your customers always find exactly what they’re looking for.

Private Label Lighting

Supreme Imports has a wealth of experience when it comes to sourcing and supplying light bulbs of all types. As a leading manufacturer of private label light bulbs, we can supply bulbs in shelf-ready packaging, displaying your own-label branding. For more information, contact our sales team today.