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Energizer ULTRA+ batteries are the latest generation of their popular alkaline line. They are formulated to provide power and long life to the devices used in your everyday life.

Energizer Ultra+ AAA

Energizer Ultra+ AA

Energizer Ultra+ C

Energizer Ultra+ D

Energizer Ultra+ 9V

Energizer Ultra+ Multipack

Energizer classic is the more affordable alkaline range that’s been developed to power up those medium drain devices.

Energizer Classic AAA

Energizer Classic AA

Energizer Classic 9V


Energizer Rechargeable AAA

Energizer Rechargeable AA

Energizer Universal Charger

The world’s longest lasting AA Battery in high- tech devices, giving you the freedom of hours and hours of uninterrupted dynamic game play.


Ultimate Lithium AAA

Ultimate Lithium AA

Ultimate Lithium 9V

As an official UK distributor Supreme Imports are committed in having available in stock the whole of the portfolio of products that Energizer manufactures.
If you need any more information on the range please do not hesitate to contact us.

Energizer Hi Tech AA

Energizer Industrial Range

Eveready Silver AA

Now’s there’s no excuse to be left in the dark with Energizer selection of household torches.
Combining design and functionality, Energizer torches suit a variety of occasions and needs.

Pocket Torch

Energizer LED Keyring

Energizer Headlight 3AAA


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