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Duracell Plus Power with New DURALOCK Technology gives you reliable performance and long-lasting power in a broad range of everyday devices.
You can rely on Duracell Plus Power to power your remote controls, CD players, motorized toys, flashlights, toothbrushes, etc.
Available in AA, AAA, C,D, 9V, 4.5V 


Duracell Plus Power AAA

Duracell Plus Power AA

Duracell Plus Power C

Duracell Plus Power D

Duracell Plus Power 9V

Duracell Plus Power Multipack

NEW Simply Duracell provides quality Duracell power that you know and trust from Duracell at great value.

Duracell Simply AAA

Duracell Simply AA

Duracell Simply 8pks

The only Ultra Power battery that has POWERCHECK, an integrated tester that always let’s you know how much power is left in your battery.
On top of this, Duracell Ultra Power provides up to 40% more power vs. Duracell Plus*
With Duracell Ultra Power & POWERCHECK you always know that you are ready to go!

Duracell Ultra Power AAA

Duracell Ultra Power AA

Duracell Ultra Power C

Duracell Ultra Power D

Duracell Ultra Power 9V

Duracell Ultra Power Multipack

You can get hundreds of uses out of each Duracell Rechargeable battery. And with compact, portable chargers, you have the freedom to charge your rechargeable batteries at home or on the go.
Duracell Pre Charged Batteries with Duralock offer high-performance rechargeable power for high drain devices like digital cameras. They can be used hundreds of times and take up to 4x more pictures.


Pre-Charged Entry AAA

Pre-Charged Premium AA

Duracell Rechargeable 9V

Duracell 4 Hour Charger

Duracell 45 Minute Charger

Duracell Portable Charger

Duracell recognise that people using batteries in the workplace have special requirements, that’s why they offer the procell line of professional batteries, Duracell PROCELL batteries are dependable, long lasting and packaged for end user and distributors in the professional & industrial market.

Duracell Procell AAA

Duracell Procell AA

Duracell Procell 9V


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