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Welcome to the improved and expanded range of Powermaster Lighting.
Covering indoor and outdoor lighting, mains voltage and low voltage lighting, portable and fixed lighting, ceiling, wall and low level lighting, halogen, incandescent, eco halogen, energy saving and LED lighting.

We strive to be at the forefront of range architecture whilst offering competitively priced product, in retail quality packaging and utilizing market leading product technology.

The expanded range now offers LED upgrades on floodlights, security, spotlights, recessed, bathroom, utility and portable lighting.

Powermaster Brochure

The Powermaster Outdoor range includes Bulkheads, Wall Lights, Sensor Wall Lights, Floodlights and Sensor Floodlights.


Wall Lights

Sensor Wall Lights


Sensor Floodlights

The Powermaster Indoor range includes Spotlights, Recessed Downlight Kits, Batten Fittings, Decorative, Flush Fittings and Portable Lamps.


Recessed Downlight Kits

Batten Fittings


Flush Fittings

Portable Lamps

The Powermaster LED range includes Floodlights, Spotlights, LED Recessed Downlight Kits, LED Strips, Decorative and LED Portable Lamps.

LED Floodlight

LED Spotlights

LED Recessed Downlight Kits

Changing to Eveready compact energy saving fluorescents (CFL) is one of the easiest ways you can help towards saving the environment. They can last up to 10 times as long as a traditional Incandescent lamp with a potential energy saving of up to 80%.

Fire Rated

Eveready CFL

Eveready CFL

Eveready offers a comprehensive range of incandescent lamps purposely designed to provide a decorative effect to an interior as a standalone lamp or to work as part of a decorative luminaire. They provide good value and satisfy numerous lighting needs.

Eveready 40w Candle

Eveready GLS

Eveready Cooker Bulb


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