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Panasonic’s zinc carbon batteries provide an economical power source for devices requiring low drain intermittent usage. They use simple and reliable technology and are economical in terms of cost per hour for low drain appliances.

Panasonic Zinc AAA

Panasonic Zinc AA

Panasonic Zinc D

Panasonic’s Alkaline Power battery is a value for money power solution for those everyday appliances requiring more power. These provide a great entry level alkaline range from a trusted battery brand excellent price versus quality ratio.

Panasonic Bronze AAA

Panasonic Bronze AA

Panasonic Bronze C

Panasonic Evolta is the world’s No. 1 long lasting AA alkaline battery, according to the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS.
It’s developed to meet the power needs of today’s electronic appliances.

Panasonic Evolta AAA

Panasonic Evolta AA

Evolta Rechargeable

Panasonic Offer a comprehensive range of high performance batteries for various appliances.

Panasonic CR2032 Coin Cell

Panasonic PJ996

Panasonic CR123 Battery

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