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Supreme Imports, under licence, produce the JCB range of batteries. With the help of the JCB Research & Development team, together we have produced a range of world class products ensuring that the product quality and power is in many cases more advanced than the leading brands.
Full test results are available upon request.
Attractive pilfers proof packing, JCB batteries have been a massive hit with the consumers. The designs come with fool proof guides and power charts on the reverse of the pack to ensure they are used correctly by the consumer.



JCB Product Brochure

JCB Alkaline batteries provide premium alkaline quality for high and medium drain devices ensuring reliable and dependable power – lasting up to 30% longer than standard alkaline batteries.
Devices: Portable audio, photo cameras (analogue), toys, CD Players, toothbrushes and many more.

JCB Alkaline AAA


JCB Alkaline AA

JCB Alkaline C


JCB Alkaline D


JCB Alkaline 9V


JBC Digital batteries are the most powerful batteries in the JCB range. JCB Digital is the only AA and AAA battery which lasts 7 x longer in digital cameras Vs leading ordinary alkaline batteries. JCB Digital are the ultimate power source for high-drain devices, where the principle concern of the end user is highly dependable performance.

Devices: Hi-Tech, CD Players & Digital Cameras – over 600 photos!

JCB Digital C Size

JCB Ultra Alkaline C 2 Pack

JCB Digital 9v

JCB Ultra Alkaline 9V

JCB Zinc batteries provide an economical power source for devices requiring low-drain intermittent usage. They are the ideal solution where low cost is the prime consideration of the end user.
Devices: Remote Control, Clocks and Radios.




JCB Zinc C

JCB Zinc D

JCB Rechargeable batteries provide cost-effective, reusable power for high-tech, high-drain devices. You can trust JCB to last longer and recharge hundreds of times. The new instant charge are ready for use immediately and come fully charged. We can also supply a large range of chargers.
Devices: Digital cameras, MP3 Players
They also represent the perfect environmentally friendly power source, and are the most economical in the long run.

JCB Rechargeable AA


JCB Rechargeable AAA


JCB Ready Charged 9v


A comprehensive range of specialist batteries are also available. These are suitable for a wide variety of electronic devices.
Devices: Watches, Calculators, Clocks, Torches, Toys, Car Keys, Health and Fitness devices and more.

JCB LR44 Coin Cells

JCB LR44 Cell Battery

JCB LR1 Battery


JCB CR2016 Coin Cell

JCB CR2016 Cell Battery

JCB Pro Alkaline

JCB Watch Cells

JCB Digital Multipack

 JCB Super Alkaline AA 50 pack

JCB Alkaline 4+2 FREE


JCB Alkaline Multipack


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