The VapeNation Laboratory

When Supreme Imports first ventured into the world of vaping and ecigarettes in 2012, we looked to import products to distribute for the UK market. Soon, it became apparent that in order to improve the quality of products available throughout Europe, we’d need to bring operations in-house.

Our VapeNation clean room and laboratory was designed and built to manufacture our own eliquids for sale under the Kik and 88Vape brands. Following an upgrade in 2017 to bring us in line with the government’s TPD legislation, we now have the capacity to produce hundreds of thousands of bottles per day.

Liquid Mixing

Supreme Imports manufactures all branded eliquids on-site in Manchester, using pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and a strict quality control policy.

Our flavours are developed in-house, before our on-site chemist mixes and tests each batch to ensure the correct ratios of PG, VG and nicotine are contained within each bottle.

Once a recipe has been perfected and a batch of eliquid mixed, the product is moved into the next part of our clean room facility – the bottling lines.

Liquid Bottling

Using our six bottling lines, Supreme Imports is able to produce fully bottled, packed and boxed 10ml eliquid bottles which meet the latest government standards.

Currently Supreme Imports bottles over 140,000 bottles per day, but our existing setup gives us the capacity to increase production a further 50%.

With this facility at our disposal, we are able to produce huge quantities of branded eliquids for the Kik and 88Vape ranges, along with private label bottles for customers looking to move into this growing market.