The Supreme Imports Team

When Supreme Imports was formed, the company employed only one man – our founder Mr. GS Chadha.

Now, decades later and still under the guidance of the Chadha family, Supreme Imports has grown to employ dozens of talented and committed professionals. From the directors who decide upon our company’s direction, through to the expert account managers and the hard-working warehouse staff, every member of our team is dedicated to ensuring that you receive a professional, reliable service.

Our continued success is the result of the hard work and expertise of our team. If you have the skill and dedication to join us, make sure that you keep an eye on our recruitment page.

Operations & Warehouse

Wayne Jones

Warehouse Operations Manager

DD: 0161 786 0127 Fax: 0161 872 2314

When did you join the team? September 2003
Favourite part of the job:My favourite parts of my job include the ability to work independently (thanks to the trust from my employers) and the people I worked with. It’s great to work with people that care about their company and doing a good job.
What’s your proudest achievement? My children and Family
Hobbies: Gym, walking.

Szymon Wilczak


When did you join the team? December 2015
Favourite part of the job: Figuring out how to organise each project so everything gets done.
What’s your proudest achievement? Finding the way of way of peace in my life. Even when I don’t use it, I know is there.
Hobbies: Sport, music, viniculture
Anything else you’d like to say? Success is not an accident. Its hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and most of all, love of what you are doing, or learning to do.

Antony Brame

Stock Analysis and main go-to-guy!

When did you join the team? Feb 2015
Favourite part of the job? Everyday there is something new to challenge you
What’s your proudest achievement? Launching Blue Alligator and upgrading the way Supreme markets our products
Hobbies: Spending time with my partner and the kids