The Supreme Imports Team

When Supreme Imports was formed, the company employed only one man – our founder Mr. GS Chadha.

Now, decades later and still under the guidance of the Chadha family, Supreme Imports has grown to employ dozens of talented and committed professionals. From the directors who decide upon our company’s direction, through to the expert account managers and the hard-working warehouse staff, every member of our team is dedicated to ensuring that you receive a professional, reliable service.

Our continued success is the result of the hard work and expertise of our team. If you have the skill and dedication to join us, make sure that you keep an eye on our recruitment page.


Mark Atherton

Senior Designer

DD: 0161 786 0144 Fax: 0161 872 5454

When did you join the team? September 2014
Favourite part of the job: Taking a design that was once ok and turning it into something much better, pushing it to the next level.
What’s your proudest achievement? Showing that if you put the time and effect in you get the best results. Creating boards for a trade show half the world away and getting them to fit millimetre perfect is pretty good going. Apply that to even the smallest thing and you’ll achieve something big.
Hobbies: I don’t want to class my kids as a hobby, but by definition they are. I love spending time with them, watching them change, grow up and develop. They are my proudest achievement outside of work (with a bit of help from the wife of course). After that I enjoy the gym, going out for a run, carpentry, watching the rugby and spending any remaining hours with the wife.
Anything else you’d like to say? Plenty, but those little gems are best served with a nice big mug of tea.

Richard Gill

Senior Designer

When did you join the team? October 2015
Favourite part of the job: Working on a wide range of design jobs, with a great group of people.
What’s your proudest achievement? The birth of my son

Serena Ferrari

Events Manager

When did you join the team?January 2017
Favourite part of the job:I am passionate about my job; it’s a great part of my life. It’s like cooking; it needs attention to detail, requires different skills and is always an exciting experience!
What’s your proudest achievement?Cheating while playing chess with my brother.
Hobbies:I love watching cooking programs on TV, reading cooking books, finding local food shops, trying new recipes, matching wine with foods, setting the table (it’s a form of art) and sharing meals with friends and family!
Anything else you’d like to say?I was famous for riding my Yamaha Virago 550 wearing high heels back in Rome.

Mark Russell Carter

Ecommerce Manager

When did you join the team? January 2017
Favourite part of the job: Every day is different. There is always something new on the boil and the people here are not scared to grow and take a chance.
What’s your proudest achievement? Building a new life for me and my not so little kids.
Hobbies: Sea and lake fishing, golf and of course Cloud Chasing and everything vape.
Anything else you’d like to say?: Working for Supreme Imports has been a great opportunity to grow and build a career with a world class company.

Matic Toni


When did you join the team? August 2016
Favourite part of the job: Making our packaging look good to help our products stand out
What’s your proudest achievement? Designing product packaging which is seen by millions of people!
Hobbies: I enjoy playing the guitar