VapeNation by Supreme Imports

When Supreme Imports made the decision to add vaping and ecigarette products to our portfolio, we knew we were making a serious commitment.

While the vape shops popping up across the country were selling cheap liquids from overseas, we knew that to ensure quality, we’d need to manufacture our own eliquids here in the UK. This would allow us to vouch for every ingredient, adapt recipes to our customers’ tastes, and meet even the most stringent compliance regulation.

To do this, we set up VapeNation.

From our VapeNation facility in Manchester, we manufacture, package and distribute hundreds of thousands of bottles of high quality e-liquids every single day. 

Using our manufacturing contacts and facilities, as well as our in-depth knowledge of the battery market, we then branched into creating our own hardware – high quality mods and ecigarettes designed to be safe and reliable.

Then, armed with the knowledge, the manufacturing capability, and the commitment to succeed, we launched our VapeNation brands – Kik and 88Vape.

The rest, as they say, is history.